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  • Bulk Container
    If a few years ago, buying in bulk or at retail was normal at your grocery stores, but the growing industrialization has gradually made these stores disappear in favour of supermarkets where almost everything is packed by the unit and over-packed. Fortunately the VRAC is making its comeback! You can now find your rice, pasta and other foods in large quantities in some shops. Kazidomi knows how important this kind of consumption is. That's why we provide containers for you.
  • Bottles & Thermos

    Less Plastic, it's Fantastic! It's time to say goodbye to your plastic bottles and opt for a reusable stainless steel bottle! Single-use plastic bottles pollute the sea, beaches, mountains and public places and take several centuries to disappear from our environment. So it's time to move on! Join the movement and adopt the "green attitude"! In addition to being ecological, reusable bottles will quickly save you money. No need to do a lot of research to realize that tap water is much cheaper than bottled water. If you don't have time to drink your tea or coffee in the morning and you have a long drive or transport to get to work? Get your thermos !

  • Lunch Box

    Are you going on a picnic or just to work and want to take some delicious food with you? So you need a Lunch Box to carry this! Come and discover our selection of products.

To go for a walk, to the office or to the beach, nothing better than taking water and food with you. But don't take plastic packaging that may fly away or that you may forget behind you. It is better to choose to fill your own bottle and take Lunch Box filled with your delicious preparations. Be green for the planet !

Here you can find products of the following brands: Ah ! Table !, Aromandise, Bambaw, Bee's Wrap, Black&Blum, Drink Big, HABEEBEE, Kazidomi, Monbento, Pandoo

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Organic

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