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Who's Smileat Baby? The Smileat Baby brand appeared from the idea of offering a different approach to baby feeding. Each article has elaborated based on natural elements. Put simply, Smileat Baby formulas are like the baby foods that parents make themselves at home.

Smileat Baby removed all synthetic and superfluous components during the recipes making process. Smileat Baby formulas contain no preservatives and are sugar and salt added free. Besides, note that every product is allergenic free (gluten, eggs, lactose).

Moreover, Smileat Baby puts forward organic in its philosophy. The brand has recognized certifications, attesting to this approach: AB certification, IFS, European Union organic label. They guarantee that all the ingredients come from organic farming.

Smileat emphasizes that organic and natural must go hand in hand with ecological packaging. At Smileat Baby, the recyclable packaging used comes from recycled materialsTheir manufacture excludes bisphenol A, a highly toxic element for the environment and humans.

In short, with Smileat Baby, you make the choice of a 100% organic baby food for your child. Find among the small potsliquid baby foods, snacks, the preparation that suits your baby!

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