Hygiene & Body Care


  • Body Care

    Take care of yourself and your body with Kazidomi! Discover natural cosmetics for your body, without chemicals or other aggressive agents. Kazidomi offers body creams, deodorants, scrubs and body oils to safely take care of your skin! You will find here all your future favorite natural products for body care and beauty, organic moisturizers, organic firming skin care, argan oil, scrub, exfoliant.

  • Soap & Bath

    Discover Kazidomi's selection of soaps, shower gels, scrubs, sponges and bath salts that are good for you, without harmful substances and 100% natural. Relax while you take a shower or a bath. You will come out fresh and naturally scented to start a new adventure. Come shopping with your eyes closed thanks to Kazidomi's rigorous choices.

  • Hair Care
    Kazidomi has selected 100% natural cosmetic products to take care of your hair and scalp to stop attacking it daily with chemical ingredients. You will discover your hair in better health with each use. Neutral or with the sweet scent of flowers, for dry or oily hair, you can find your happiness at Kazidomi.
  • Oral Care

    Take care of your oral hygiene with natural and non-aggressive products. Kazidomi offers solid or regular toothpastes, rechargeable toothbrushes and mouthwash that is gentle on your teeth. All natural, healthy and effective. Come and discover our products and find the one that suits you.

  • Hair Removal

    Who doesn't dream of a soft and clean skin as the sun comes out? But to do that, you have to go through the hair removal step! Wax, razor, depilatory cream or laser, there are many more or less easy and painful methods to remove unpleasant hair! Kazidomi offers you some solutions for the face, legs, bikini line or sensitive areas. Our products are also effective and respect your skin because they are made of natural ingredients.

  • Feminine Care

    What could be safer than using natural hygienic products without aggressive agents. Kazidomi offers you products to take care of your intimate hygiene. Whether you prefer towels (disposable or reusable), tampons or cup, Kazidomi offers you all these solutions. Also discover our body care products!

  • Men

    Man or woman, all deserve the best skin care with effective, natural and healthy shower gels, shampoos or body lotions. Men's skin deserves special care. Kazidomi has chosen natural and chemical-free cosmetic treatments to take care of them as it should be!

  • Sexual Health

    To enjoy an intimate moment with your partner nothing better than quality and natural products. At Kazidomi we want to offer you the best through a rigorous selection process. Trust yourself and trust us for this moment of intense tenderness that belongs only to you.

  • DIY

    You have always dreamed of making your own cosmetics to know exactly what's in them and to be sure that your products are as natural as possible?! Then discover without further delay the products selected by the Kazidomi team to help you to carry out your own treatments. Start your creation whether it is solid or creamy cream, shampoo, soap or serum. In this category you will find essential oils, vegetable oils, pure aloe vera gel, coconut oil and all the other ingredients necessary for your cosmetics.

  • Sun Care

    The sunny days are coming, your holidays are booked or almost booked, so it's high time to take care of your tan. To preserve your youthfulness, it is essential to protect your skin from the sun's rays. Kazidomi has selected a range of sun care products to care for all skin types in a natural and respectful way. It is essential to protect yourself and to protect against all UV rays. Enjoy the good weather without burning your skin!

  • Accessories

    Come and discover the selection of hygiene accessories available on Kazidomi. A selection of essential products to take care of your skin and to provide you with a moment of relaxation and well-being. Escape for a moment and let yourself be transported by the pleasant scents and sensations of your natural skin care products.

After a long day at work, a fitness session or simply when you wake up, there's nothing better than a good shower with your favorite shampoo and shower gel. Then apply your favorite body cream and hop, you're fresh, hydrated and ready to start a new adventure! At Kazidomi we strive to offer you the best possible products. Carefully selected according to their composition, they respect your skin and the planet.

Here you can find products of the following brands: Acorelle, Anae, Antheya , Argiletz, Astra, Attitude, Avril, Ballot-Flurin, Bambaw, Bee Nature, Bel Nature, Ben & Anna, Bioflore, Charles Germain Cosmetics , CÎME, Clémence & Vivien, COSCOON, Douce nature, Dr Bronner's, Ecocosmetics, Ecodis, Evolve Beauty, Fair Squared, Finigrana, Georganics, HABEEBEE, Jacob Hooy, JOIK, Kazidomi, La Canopée, La droguerie écologique, Lamazuna, Lavera, Les Tendances d'Emma, MADARA, MAKESENZ, Martin Groetsch, Mooncup, Natracare, Naturado, Organyc, Pachamamaï, PHB Ethical Beauty, Provilan, Pur'Aloe, Purasana, Radico, Savon Stories , Schmidt's naturals, SO’CUP, TRUE Organic, Urtekram, We Love the Planet, Weleda

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Cruelty-Free, Gluten free, Lactose free, Low salt, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Without Essential Oils

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