is a brand that calls out. Oé stands out because it has developed organic quality wines! With Oé you will enjoy a good wine while preserving nature. Actually, a succession of AB-labelled winegrowers makes up the production chain.

Choosing Oé wines means choosing responsible and committed viticulture. The social and environmental imperatives respected by the brand have earned it the B Corp. certificate.

Barbichon, Bordeaux, Corbières, and all the other bottles meet these requirements.  Come and taste a good vintage with Oé!

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Appreciating a good wine is a pleasure that many adopt. Kill two birds with one stone by choosing Oé stands out for its certified organic quality wines. The entire range offered to consumers combines good taste and organic aspects.

Organic is a priority for Oé. Every winemaker involved in the production of the wines is certified organic. It is important to note that viticulture uses a lot of pesticides. It’s not the case for Oé. The cultivation of wine excludes the use of pesticides here. Also, Oé wines are suitable for vegans.

Besides, Oé is a committed brand feels duty-bound to respect environmental requirements in its activities. Environment comes with an awareness of the use of recyclable materials for cardboard and bottles. At Oé, renewable energy is a priority for lighting.

As a B Corp. certified company, Oé contributes socially to its activities. Social here means raising awareness of biodiversity and helping winemakers who wish to deepen the organic approach. The brand set up the Oé program with this in mind.

Finally, we have to bear in mind the keystone of the whole Oé activity: wine! Besides these principles, it is worth mentioning that Oé wines are also very well made. They have nothing to envy to the wines of traditional viticulture. Barbichon, Bordeaux, Corbières and so many others are waiting to sublimate your palate!

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