Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation, what's behind those two words? These words mean making the world a healthy place, a place where everyone has a place for the next seven generations. In a nutshell, Seventh Generation is a brand of cleanser and care deeply committed to safeguarding the planet.

For Seventh Generation, this commitment is expressed on several points: plant-based ingredients, the absence of synthetic fragrances, recycling for packaging...

These requirements dictate the design of each cleaning. Come to Seventh Generation to choose your laundry, your hand wash, your disinfectant, your baby care, and contribute to a better future for our descendants!

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Seventh Generation is an awareness of the urgent need to preserve our world. The main idea of Seventh Generation is to develop a range of cleaners and care products that meet this requirement. Cleaners are among the most harmful everyday objects for the environment because they contain many chemical elements. 

Preserving nature means using only plant-based ingredients. Seven Generation excludes synthetic fragrances in the product set up process. All products have a unique scent based on essential oils and botanical elements.

Seventh Generation is also committed to the well-being of current and future generations. The brand displays it on various levels: the baby care products are hypoallergenic and certified organic, the feminine hygiene products are made of organic cotton and chlorine free.

The recyclability of packaging materials is one of Seventh Generation's responsible beliefs. This translates into the use of recycled plastic. This packaging can be reused and recycled a second time. Besides, the packaging is marked with ingredients for consumers.

With Seventh Generation, you take care of yourself, your loved ones, and you take care of our world. Eco-responsible, organic Dishwashing liquids, hand washing liquids, disinfectants, baby care, hygiene productstrash bags are waiting for you, so buy Seventh Generation!

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