Go Nuts

Go nuts! Yeah, let's get nuts! Go Nuts! is a "crazy" brand that advocates 100% naturalness in its products. Even the slogan "100% natural & 0% junk food" says it all! The combination of naturalness, taste, simplicity defines Go Nuts' "madness"!

The Go Nuts! adventure also means taking a responsible approach. Responsible approach means using recyclable or reusable materials. Raw materials from France are chosen in priority.

Spreads, peanut butters, chocolate bars, and palets meet these requirements. So, go crazy, adopt Go Nuts!

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With Go Nuts! dare to dream of natural food products. Each item is studied, elaborated and sold by the company itself. The products combine several qualities: organic, responsible and tasty.

With Go Nuts! you really have natural products in your hands. Natural because they are free of all chemical and synthetic elements; no artificial components are used in their composition. The "Mention Nature et Progrès", currently in progress, will certify the natural aspect of Go Nuts! food products.

"Responsible", a word that takes on its full meaning with Go Nuts! This is reflected in the origin of the raw materials. Most them are fair trade products. Moreover, Go Nuts! recycles and reuses waste. For packaging, recyclable or biodegradable materials are preferred. 

Organic, responsible but also delicious. These defines the brand. This is primarily due to the origin of the raw materials. Outside of France, the cocoa comes from the Dominican Republic, the chocolate from Madagascar, the almonds come from Spain... Secondly, each preparation is carried out only in the Go Nuts! workshops, which means that each stage of production is controlled.

Give free rein to your craziness with Go Nuts' spreads, peanut butters, bars and chocolate palets!

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