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No time to prepare your lunch before getting to the office or your dinner when coming home? Kazidomi has selected for you a assortment of prepared dishes, quick and easy to prepare meals as well as soups, organic, without preservatives, to make your life easier while eating healthy. From hearthy vegetable soups to risotto with truffles and other legumes mixes, you will find here enough to vary your meals without spending too much time in the kitchen! Serve with our delicious sauces and other condiments.

Here you can find products of the following brands: 9 Meals From Anarchy, Amisa, Bam!, Baouw, Beendi, Bio-Verde, BIOFOND, Biona, Carrés Futés, Chic des Plantes !, Clearspring, Danival, Il Nutrimento, Karine & Jeff, Kazidomi, La Réserve de Champlat, Lili Bulk, Marcel Bio, Mindfuel, Morga, Naturaline, Priméal, Prosain, Quinola

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Gluten free (ingredients), High in Fiber, Lactose free (ingredients), Low in Saturated Fats, Low in Sugar, Low salt, Organic, Protein, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian

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