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As an important source of vitamins and minerals, dried fruit helps you stay healthy every day. Dried fruits are dehydrated fruits that have the particularity of being healthy and easily preserved. Indeed, they can be kept for an average of one year if they are protected from air and humidity. Some can be stored for up to 18 months, such as almonds, coconut or hazelnuts. For adults and children, Kazidomi has chosen the best freeze-dried, dried fruits and all oilseeds or superfoods, organic and 100% natural, without preservatives or added salt, to satisfy all tastes (cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, dates, figs, Incan berries, Goji berries, Brazil nuts, coconuts, pineapple, apples, pecans, grapes, bananas, prunes, hazelnuts, beggars, apricots, mangos, cranberries, etc.
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