Bread, Rice & Pasta


  • Pastas (with Gluten)
    Viva Pasta! Travel through Italy eating Kazidomi's delicious and tasty pasta of all shapes and sizes. Like all starchy foods, pasta has a low glycemic index of less than 50. Consequently, the energy they provide is slowly assimilated by the body, unlike fast sugars which cause small hollows between meals and therefore snacking. In addition, it is a significant source of magnesium, vitamin B and protein.
  • Pastas (without Gluten)
    Have you ever tasted gluten-free pasta? You will not be disappointed. They look like two drops of water to traditional wheat pasta. The only difference is that they are made from corn flour or rice flour. What is its main advantage? The absence of gluten, the protein responsible for the progressive destruction of small intestinal cells in people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Kazidomi then offers you a wide range of gluten-free pasta to vary your pleasures! Don't wait any longer to taste them.
  • Noodles

    You noodle us ! Are you looking for gluten-free and organic noodles? We have them! Kazidomi offers you different noodles, each one one them is delicious! Rice is more easily digested by the body than wheat: there is less risk of feeling bloated after a meal. And unlike wheat, it does not contain gluten. It is therefore suitable for people who are intolerant and allergic to gluten. But also to young children, the elderly or people with eating difficulties. Rice noodles are a source of fibre, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

  • Rice
    Rice is the world's leading cereal consumed. It is part of the starchy family and provides 20% of energy needs. The benefits of rice on the body are multiple: it does not make people fat, it is a source of fibre, vitamins (B1, B3 and B5) and minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus), it allows a better absorption and assimilation of nutrients but also to reduce the consumption of saturated fats etc. Ideal food to be careful with your figure, it offers a fast satiety power and facilitates digestion because it is low in fat. In addition to these many benefits, it should be noted that rice, and in particular whole grain rice, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and diarrhoea, for example.
  • Bread

    An emblematic food of the French, bread provides complex carbohydrates, fibres but also many proteins. Consume in moderation and preferably with whole grains, it is a gourmet and nutritional food. Kazidomi then offers you some alternatives to wheat flour bread, so that's why we offer you the possibility to taste other varieties such as spelt bread, rye etc. Discover a wide range of crispy delicious breads and spreads.

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Kazidomi has chosen for you all kinds of pasta and breads with or without gluten, made from quality cereals, legumes or superfoods. But also plain or pre-cooked rice, in order to help you prepare delicious side dishes, sushis and risottos. Serve with our dried vegetables, legumes, spreads or delicious sauces for a complete and delicious meal!

Here you can find products of the following brands: ALTRICEREALI, BREAK & BIO, CLEARSPRING, FARRO, FIBRITTI, Kazidomi, King Soba, Le Pain des Fleurs, Ma vie sans gluten, Naturaline, Priméal, PROBIOS, PURAL, RICE & RICE, Seedful, TERRASANA, VAJRA, Yakso

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Gluten free, High in Fibers, Lactose free, Low in Saturated Fats, Low in Sugar, Low salt, Organic, Protein, Vegan, Vegetarian

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