Radis et Capucine

Radis et Capucine has been manufacturing culture pots for more than 20 years to initiate or rediscover the garden in a fun and entertaining way.

The family history of Radis et Capucine began in 1927 with grandfather Griffaton who was then a seed producer in Anjou. Today it is the third generation that runs the company and still sells seeds... but not quite like the others. Radis et Capucine is still a family company managed by Jean-Sébastien and Catherine Griffaton.

Today, there are fewer and fewer gardeners, the land is low, vegetable gardens are sometimes even forbidden in housing estates and why bother when beautiful vegetables are available all year round in the supermarket. Whatever the case, the Griffatons have managed to bring the seed up to date in a fun way, for young and old alike.

Organic seeds for the pleasure of the eyes and taste buds!

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