Equi-Nutri Laboratoire

For 20 years, Equi-Nutri has been offering consumer-friendly health products.

Equi-Nutri develops and manufactures top quality nutritional supplements. The brand favours truly effective dosages in compliance with the legislation in force.

All formulations are regularly reviewed and incorporate data from the latest scientific publications.

Their approach is also based on a close partnership with their suppliers of raw materials, which is reflected in concrete actions such as the implementation of the "Harvester's Charter" which allows them to guarantee the traceability and botanical identification of buds used in gemmotherapy or the fact of giving priority to local producers whenever possible.

All their choices are dictated by the desire to offer a guarantee of bioavailability. An ethical and responsible approach that has earned them recognition by many prescribers and appreciated by their customers.

This concern for quality and performance, in the service of health, is one of the essential values of the Equi-Nutri team.

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