Gluten free
Lactose free
Low salt
Low in Sugar
Low in Saturated Fats
High in Fibers
Without Essential Oils

Kazidomi Brand


  • Tomato Products

    Did you know that our tomatoes are Italian? It would not have been possible otherwise. They come from a certified demeter and organic estate of about a hundred hectares where production takes place only once a year, from the end of July to the beginning of September! Respecting the natural cycle of the tomato in order to offer you a 100% natural product is something that is very important to us. Another sign of quality: our tomatoes do not spend more than 12 hours after harvesting before ending up in the glass jar you are about to taste. Why? The aim is to preserve the nutritional properties and taste of the product as much as possible. Enjoy your meal!

  • Coconut Products

    Sourced directly from Sri Lanka, without any intermediary between Kazidomi and the producer, our organic "Coco" products will make you "Loco".

  • Bulk

    Discover our selection of bulk products at very attractive prices: couscous, cashew nuts, quinoa, rice, almonds, dates, dried fruit, coffee, and so many more !

  • Pesto & Tapenade

    Come and discover Kazidomi's delicious organic sauces and pesto.
    At Kazidomi, we like to offer you the best! That is why our products are carefully selected to offer you the best possible taste experience. EXCLUSIVELY produced from fresh ingredients, our recipes have been concocted in collaboration with a small Italian organic producer. A spoonful of these sauces will take you directly to the Italian countryside!

    Genovese or Tofu pesto, walnut or artichoke sauce, black olive creams, everyone will be delighted !

  • Pastas

    Our pasta comes straight from an italian family and artisanal factory in the foothills of the Alps. Once again, we took the time to look for the most qualitative supplier possible to satisfy you. We were committed to offer you a wide range of organic and healthy pasta and we succeeded! Therefore, you will find pasta made with wholemeal flour, rice, legumes but also many others... Want to know a bit more about the production process ? The cutting and molding of pasta (in bronze) is done according to the purest Italian tradition. Also, the roughness of our products makes them more suitable for containing sauces and condiments. Finally, a slow drying process at low temperature for at least 20 hours is the last key step in production. The final result is a product rich in taste which, thanks to a careful manufacturing process at low temperature, preserves all its important organoleptic and nutritional properties. As a result, you will have all the flavors from Italy in your plate. 

  • Zero Waste
  • Purées d'Oléagineux

    Thanks to the extraordinary production method of a small family business in the Netherlands, KAZIDOMI can now offer you these delicious nut butters, scandalously fresh and yummy. In contrast to most large-scale industrial productions, our organic nuts are carefully crushed with a blender in small batches to allow the flavours to develop naturally. Peanut butter, cashew nut paste, oriental-inspired tahini, hazelnut or pistachio purée, there is something here for everyone!

  • Skincare

    Discover Kazidomi's range of cosmetics: natural products, with simple but effective ingredients to take care of you.

    At Kazidomi, we seek to offer you quality products that respect the environment and your health. Therefore, we have created our own range of care products to offer you products with clear, short and healthy compositions. Each composition is validated by a laboratory, not tested on animals, no paraben, no chemicals,... Discover them quickly !

  • Food Supplement

    Taking care of yourself starts with a healthy and balanced diet.
    Unfortunately, in our current diet we no longer find enough natural vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is often necessary to supplement your diet.
    Kazidomi offers you to discover a range of healthy and natural supplements that meet your basic needs. Manufactured in partnership with doctors and dieticians, these supplements are natural and healthy.

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Kazidomi: only the best and healthiest products but cheaper!

Kazidomi seeks to offer you healthy and organic products at reduced prices all year round! How? Thanks to a subscription system that gives you discounts of 20 to 50% on the entire catalogue.

Kazidomi is the result of the work of two young entrepreneurs convinced that healthy and organic food is still too inaccessible to everyone, especially those suffering from food intolerances. Their goal is to democratize access to healthy food and thus allow you to make considerable savings on all your daily purchases!

Over the years Kazidomi has developed its own range of products to offer you healthy, organic, controlled and even cheaper products. You can now also buy pumpkin seeds, oatmeal or Kazidomi coconut milk. Our products have as short a list of ingredients as possible to offer you the best, most natural and most delicious products!

The range is gradually expanding so don't hesitate to come and take a look at this section to see how it is evolving!

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