La Canopée

Cécile, chemical engineer, specialist in green chemistry and expert in natural cosmetics. Passionate about nature and its wonderful raw materials, she is the heart of La Canopée because she has formulated all ranges.

Juliette, designer and communicator, concerned about the green future of the cosmetics industry and the commitment of La Canopée in an eco-responsible and sustainable approach.

It was in Grasse, their hometown, that they decided to develop La Canopée. Grasse is the capital of perfumes, it is a very inspiring city that has transmitted to them the passion of beautiful raw materials.
They started this adventure nearly three years ago because, as consumers, they were not satisfied with the offer of care. They wanted 100% natural cosmetics, effective, pleasant and affordable!

Thanks to scientific advances in green chemistry, there is no longer any reason to put any synthetic or petrochemical material on their faces.

Their concern has been to develop cosmetics that are good for them and for the planet. They believe that many consumers have the same expectations. That's what made them go on an adventure with La Canopée !

They develop their own 100% natural care formulas and control everything from A to Z. After three years of work, La Canopée is ready to meet consumers!

La Canopée is more than a mark, for us it was a necessity.

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La Canopée has been founded by two sisters Cécile and Juliette Munoz. It is a brand of cosmetics 100% natural origin, vegan and made in France.

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