Les Tendances d'Emma

In 2017, Les Tendances d'Emma is a very small company, growing every day, but trying to do it in a consistent way, reflecting every day on the project we all carry out within the company. With all those who want to accompany us and participate in our project in their own way!

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3 pillars guide us daily for this:


Our products contribute to the construction of a more sustainable mode of consumption.

Consuming to consume is a thing of the past: We want to make things happen with products that make sense and that integrate durably into your lives and that of our society.


We believe in an authentic world where sincerity and transparency are the foundation of the relationship with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Greenwashing, no thanks: We think it's better to always do better than ever.


We put all our experience at your disposal by constantly looking for the best for you and for the planet.

Our experience, we use it to improve ... and think constantly about how to "do better"

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