Slimming Detox


  • Teas and Infusions

    Find here a multitude of teas and infusions, selected precisely from our wide range of products to offer you the best detox experience.

  • Juices and Drinks

    Ginger, lemon, grapes ... berries ... Here are a few examples of super-nutrient-packed food available in juice or drink format in our detox assortment

  • Algaes

    The seaweed are considered as superfood able to be part of our daily meals. They bring us vitamins and essential minerals and they are really succulent  in salad, in stock, in plate or even in smoothie !

  • Superfoods
  • Fermented foods

    Fermented foods are excellent for boosting your intestinal flora. This ancestral mode of conservation is making a comeback, and for good reasons: better digestion, development of a good gut microbiota, strengthening of the immune system.

  • Dried fruits, nuts and...
    Rich in fiber, good fats and minerals, nuts and seeds of all kinds are underrated components of a detox approach. Do not neglect them !

    Fortunately, we have chosen for you a small list of those with the most detox benefits!
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A DETOX-oriented diet aims to eliminate all the toxins present in the body. The goal is to stop clogging up your body with processed, industrial or high-added-sugar products, replacing them with organic foods rich in nutrients and fibers.

Here is a selection of drinks, powders and other food products to switch to DETOX mode.

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