• Slimming Detox

    A DETOX-oriented diet aims to eliminate all the toxins present in the body. The goal is to stop clogging up your body with processed, industrial or high-added-sugar products, replacing them with organic foods rich in nutrients and fibers.

    Here is a selection of drinks, powders and other food products to switch to DETOX mode.

  • Cosmetics

    How to cleanse your body in the winter, after the holidays? This is a question we receive a lot.

    Our selection of Kazidomi detox care for the face, mouth and hair is here to help you. Come discover it quickly !

  • Food supplements

    Discover our detox-oriented food supplements selection to take care of your body from the inside. Feel free to ask some piece of advice to our doctor or naturopath to know what fits you the best !

  • Detox Accessories
  • Packs of Detox Products

    Discover our exclusive promotional offers for our subscribers on our three detox baskets of the month!

A basic physiological principle is that our body cannot digest and cleanse itself at the same time. And since our body will always prioritize digestion, it is important to reduce the digestive load to give it the energy and time available to detoxify. In addition, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle: exercise, chew slowly, hydrate and consume food as close as possible to its natural form. If you want to go further for a more in-depth detoxification, several methods exist, including juice cures.

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