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Essential Fatty Acid

Our diet is too rich in Omega 6 and deficient Omega 3, so it is necessary to restore balance. These fatty acids play several roles for health: cardiovascular health, brain function, maintenance of vision, optimal development of the eyes and brain of the fetus and the newborn.

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    De combinatie van Co-enzym Q10 en Omega 3 !PHYSIOMANCE Q10 Oméga 100 mg bevat per capsule 200 mg co-enzym Q10 en Omega 3 (294 mg EPA/DHA)...

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    Een synergetische combinatie van Co-enzyme Q10 en Omega 3 ! PHYSIOMANCE Q10 Omega 100 mg bevat per capsule 100 mg co-enzyme Q10 en Omega...

    65,11 €

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