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Lactose free
Low salt
Low in Sugar
Low in Saturated Fats
High in Fibers
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Without Essential Oils



  • Summer Essentials

    Come and discover our essentials for a perfect summer, surrounded by your friends and family! What more do we need than a meat or vegetable barbecue with a fresh and healthy salad and a delicious ginger Kombucha? A little music and maybe some friends... If you are lucky enough to have your feet in the sand, it's even better!
    Enjoy the summer with Kazidomi!

  • Food

    Discover in this section all the gourmet food products selected by Kazidomi in collaboration with doctors and nutritionists. All these delicious products are as natural as possible: no refined sugars, no palm oil, no harmful additives and preservatives, as well as mostly organic and lactose free. Do not hesitate to use our filters to choose the products that best match your food profile, in our different categories: sweet or salty snacks, pastas, dried fruits, bread, condiments, etc.

  • Drinks

    Kazidomi has chosen natural, healthy and predominantly organic drinks to bring a touch of freshness to your day! Plant-based drinks, teas, coffees and other caffeine-free alternatives, ginger concentrate, kombucha or vegetable juices, you will find here a very wide selection of delicious beverages to enjoy at any time of the day, with our delicious sweet and salty snacks!

  • Beauty

    Every morning, Kazidomi takes care of your beauty and all skin types with a selection of healthy, natural and organic products! You all deserve to take a break and enjoy a moment of sweetness!

  • Hygiene & Body Care

    After a long day at work, a fitness session or simply when you wake up, there's nothing better than a good shower with your favorite shampoo and shower gel. Then apply your favorite body cream and hop, you're fresh, hydrated and ready to start a new adventure! At Kazidomi we strive to offer you the best possible products. Carefully selected according to their composition, they respect your skin and the planet.

  • Health & Supplements

    Discover a selection of food supplement, natural cures, herbs, specific products for sport and superfood.
    Take care of yourself and your health with Kazidomi !

  • Home

    Don't they say "A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy house"? No?! Well.... At least at Kazidomi we say it and we think it! What could be better than living in a clean and healthy home with cleaning products that respect the environment and your health? The products we use to clean our homes can be harmful so it is better to choose natural cleaning products that are free of aggressive agents for our health. Kazidomi has selected them for you! In this section you will also find all the zero-waste accessories, books, textiles,... that you may need.

  • Baby

    Babies deserve the best nutrition and skincare to growth properly and to be prepared for their future lives. Find on Kazidomi the prepared dishes and accessories to take care of your little blond heads in complete safety. Diapers, Food, Care, ... Come and discover our selection of products!

  • Pets

    Do you love your pets as much as your own children and want to offer them the best in terms of quality? At Kazidomi, we also love our loyal companions and we believe that they also deserve healthy and natural products! Come and discover Kazidomi's selection of products for animals! You will find care products that respect the skin of your best friends and food that will delight their taste buds. At Kazidomi we love animals and we try to offer them the best of the best! The product team therefore selects brands of food for pets that have been approved by animals and their owners. However, even if the product team is happy to taste each food before it arrives on site, for this range of products they have delegated this task to their four-legged friends!

  • Kazidomi Brand

    Kazidomi: only the best and healthiest products but cheaper!

    Kazidomi seeks to offer you healthy and organic products at reduced prices all year round! How? Thanks to a subscription system that gives you discounts of 20 to 50% on the entire catalogue.

    Kazidomi is the result of the work of two young entrepreneurs convinced that healthy and organic food is still too inaccessible to everyone, especially those suffering from food intolerances. Their goal is to democratize access to healthy food and thus allow you to make considerable savings on all your daily purchases!

    Over the years Kazidomi has developed its own range of products to offer you healthy, organic, controlled and even cheaper products. You can now also buy pumpkin seeds, oatmeal or Kazidomi coconut milk. Our products have as short a list of ingredients as possible to offer you the best, most natural and most delicious products!

    The range is gradually expanding so don't hesitate to come and take a look at this section to see how it is evolving!

  • Detox

    A basic physiological principle is that our body cannot digest and cleanse itself at the same time. And since our body will always prioritize digestion, it is important to reduce the digestive load to give it the energy and time available to detoxify. In addition, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle: exercise, chew slowly, hydrate and consume food as close as possible to its natural form. If you want to go further for a more in-depth detoxification, several methods exist, including juice cures.

  • Paniers Découverte & Kits
    Les paniers découverte de Kazidomi vous permettent d’offrir ou de vous offrir des assortiments de produits en fonction de vos envies et pour découvrir nos produits ; sans gluten, détox, sport, gourmand et gourmet, santé, superfood, vegan, cosmétiques naturels, etc. C'est aussi l'occasion de faire découvrir les produits Kazidomi à vos proches en leur offrant une sélection de produits intéressants, délicieux et sains !
  • Zero Waste