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Discover the Kazidomi selection on our online shop. A range of the finest quality, healthy, organic and sustainable products for a lifestyle! All of our products have passed a strict selection done by our team of health experts, so you are sure that whatever you buy at Kazidomi, is good for you and does not contain any nasty ingredients!
At Kazidomi, you find everything you need, from food to cosmetics, skincare, personal hygiene, supplements, cleaning, DIY, zero waste products and so much more!
Thanks to the Kazidomi membership, you have access to discounts up to 50% on all products and amazing brands such as Avril, Clearspring, Grillon d’Or, D-Lab nutricosmétique, Favrichon, Madara, Seedful, Vivolife, Pukka, les Tendances d’Emma, Urtekram, Zao cosmétique, Lamazuna and many more!

Here you can find products of the following brands: 2Bio, 9 Meals From Anarchy, A la belge, A. Vogel, Acorelle, Ah ! Table !, Airchips, Aline & Olivier, All Tigers, Alterosac, AltriCereali, Amisa, Anaé, Antheya , Apidis, APO, Arche, Argiletz, Aristée, Aromandise, AromaStick, Artemis, Attitude, Authentic Fruits, Avril, Bach, Ballot-Flurin, Bambaw, Bamboo, Baouw, Basta Sia Buono, Baya, Be Nat, Bedouin, Bee Honey, Bee Nature, Bee's Wrap, Beelab, Beendi, Bel Nature, Belkorn, Ben & Anna, Bio Planète, Bio-Verde, Biobim, Bioco, Bioflore, BIOFOND, BioLanka, Biona, Bioreal, Biosolis, Biovegan, Birdie Nutrition, Black&Blum, Blooom, Bodybuilding Warehouse, Bonneterre, Bord-à-Bord, Bouga Cacao, Brasserie Caracole, Brasserie Lion, Brave, Break & Bio, Bulle Verte, Café Liégeois, Café Michel, Carrés Futés, Cattier, Cawston, Cérène, Charles Germain Cosmetics , Chufamix, CHUKWA, CIAOOO, CÎME, Cinq Sans, Claude Aphrodisiacs, Clearspring, Clémence & Vivien, Coffee Duck, Cook, Coscoon, Creation Cosmetic, Croll & Denecke, D-LAB Nutricosmetics, Danival, De Rit, De Traay, DIJO, Douce nature, Dr Bronner's, Dr. Karg's, Drink Big, Drinkdrink!, Dutch Harvest, Ecodis, Eezym, Ella's Kitchen, Emile Noël, Enroush, Equi-Nutri Laboratoire, Erbology, Evernat, Evolve Beauty, Fair Squared, Favrichon, Fazup, FEFE, Ferm Drinks, Fibritti , Finck Naturkost, Finigrana, Firefly, Fitoform, Food Huggers, Four Sigmatic, Frosch, Funky veggie, GAIA, Georganics, Germ'Line, Gimber, Go Nuts, Go Pure, GOLIATE, Good Goût, GP Pays-Basques, GR'EAT, Grazie Natural, GreenAge, GreendOz, Grillon d’Or, Guayapi, Guérandais, Habeebee, Hamac, Hello Bio, Hello Joya, Herbier de France, Hippeas, HNY., Ho Karan, Holle, Hollinger, Horizon, Houblonde, Hurraw!, I Just Love Breakfast, Ibo, IChoc, Il Nutrimento, Indigène, Innerme, Innobiz, IRO, Iswari, Jacob Hooy, Jean hervé, Jimini's, Joannusmolen, Jolly Mama, Jonzac, Julie's Lifestyle, Kafé Naka, Kaoka, Karine & Jeff, Kazidomi, King Soba, Kokoji, Kookie Cat, Koshi, La Belle Potagère, La Canopée, La droguerie écologique, La fabrique des mamans, La Réserve de Champlat, La Vache, La Week'Up, Laboratoire du Haut-Ségala, Laboratoire Therascience, Lamazuna, LastObject, Lavera, Le Pain des Fleurs, Lebensbaum, Lepivits, Les 3 Chouettes, Les Fées BIO, Les Fruits Détendus, Les Petits Bidons, Les senteurs de Lisa, Les Tendances d'Emma, Les Verts Moutons, Level Organic, Lifefood, Lili Bulk, Lily Lolo, Lima, Linwoods, Lo Bros, Love & Green , Lovechock, Lucaa+, Luce, Ma vie sans gluten, Madame La Présidente, Mádara, MakeSenz , Mamie Bio, Marcel Bio, Marinoë, Markal, Marma, Martin Groetsch, Mate Mate, Matilde, Mattisson, Mima, Mindfuel, Monbento, Mooncup, Morga, Mr Filberts, Multi-Mam, Muria, My Phyto Company, My Raw Joy, MyCosmetik, myVeggie, Natali, Natracare, Natufood, Natura, Natura Force, Naturado, Naturaline, NeoBulle, Newtree, Nix & Kix, Nutricare Patch, Nutrissentiel, Nuud, Océrès, Oé, One Ball Food, OnOff, Oolution, Oopla, Organic Crunch, Organica, Organyc, Pachamamaï, Paleo Crunch, Pandoo, Paos, PB&Me, Pepet's, Phare d'Eckmühl, Pilbox, Pimp My Salad, Piramide, Popee, Posidonia, Priméal, Probios, Prosain, Provamel, Provilan, PRUNEL, Pukka, Pulpe de Vie, Pur'Aloe, PURAL, Purasana, Quinola, Quintesens, Radico, Rampal Latour, Rapunzel, Rawcology, Rayner's, Rebel Kitchen, RICE & RICE, Rigoni di Asiago, Roll On Jade, Rosies, Rude Health, S5, Saveurs Attitude, Savon Stories , Scheuer & Le Scao, Schmidt's Naturals, Sea Tangle, Seedful, Senfas, Seventh Generation, Sienna & Friends, Simone a Soif, Skoon Cosmetics, Smileat Baby, So'Cup, Sojade, Soria Natural, Squitos, SuperfoodBeers, Tammi, Tartex, Teatonic, Terra Etica, TerraSana, Terre de Pépites, The Cheeky Panda, The Vegan society, Therascience, Tidoo, Trafo, Trôbon, TRUE Organic, Turtle, Urtekram, Vajra, Vegó, Vigean, Vita coco, Vitamont, VITASNACK, Vivani, Vivo Life, Walden, Waterwipes, WayCap, We Love the Planet, Weleda, Whole Earth, Wignac, Yakso, Yarrah, Yogi Tea, Your Organic Nature, ZAO Make Up, Zébio

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Cruelty-Free, Emballage Compostable , Fair Trade, Gluten free, High in Fiber, Lactose free, Low in Saturated Fats, Low in Sugar, Low salt, Organic, Protein, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Without Essential Oils

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