Ma vie sans gluten

"Ma vie sans Gluten" My Gluten-Free Life, this can translate the brand's name! A more than explicit name for a brand. Gluten being an allergenic element present in many foods, the idea of is to ban it entirely from all its products. Concretely, Ma Vie Sans Gluten offers gourmet, tasty, crispy, alternative pleasures, all gluten-free!

With Ma Vie Sans Gluten, people who are allergic or intolerant to gluten finally have a brand that thinks of them! It is important to remember that gluten can cause digestive and nutrient absorption problems for people who cannot tolerate it.

Pasta, appetizers, cookies, sandwich loaves, powders, lasagna, flours, are all products that you can enjoy at Ma Vie Sans Gluten! Don't hesitate any longer, come, and choose what you like!

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People who are allergic or intolerant to gluten have to deprive themselves of many foods. Gluten is still present in cereals, pasta, bread, flours. The founders created the brand Ma Vie Sans Gluten to help these people.

Gluten is the basis of the elasticity of floury foods, cereals, and is mainly composed of proteins. Its characteristics explain its allergenic side for people with intolerance. These people can develop digestive disorders after gluten absorption. 

Ma Vie Sans Gluten offers gluten-free products and guarantees organic products. Each ingredient is naturally delicious and the brand emphasis the traceability of the raw materials and their origin.

Besides, Ma Vie Sans Gluten has several advantages with its products. Each product has a studied dosage of fats, salt and sugars. The other potentially allergenic elements have also been thought out and weighed before entering the composition of the preparations.

In short, with Ma Vie Sans Gluten, you will have certified organic, natural, and delicious. So feel good, so have a good time, adopt the pasta, aperitifs, cookies, lasagne, flours of Ma Vie Sans Gluten!

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