La droguerie écologique

For more than 15 years, our motto has been saying« Your cleaning products: make them yourself!”.

La droguerie écologique®‘s guidance and products are accompanying you through this DIY approach with only few, simple, effective and economical ingredients. Made in France or in Western Europe, La droguerie écologique®’s products are designed with natural raw materials and a maximum of organic ingredients.

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Droguerie spirit

A Choice of quality products:

La droguerie écologique® promotes common and multi-purpose ingredients made of mineral and non-toxic raw materials (salt, chalk, clays…) or plants coming from organic farming.

A low environmental impact:

Products are selected and produced with a minimum of energy and raw materials to preserve environment.

Preserved local know-how:

Products and producers are systematically selected in France and Western Europe to preserve employment and local know-how. 

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