A passionate brand that offers unique products. This sums up Black&Blum in one sentence. This company invested in sustainability and zero waste offers original and stylish food containers. Each lunch box, each isothermal bottle, is made of ecological materials and remains both efficient and practical.
Besides, active charcoal is one of the brand's flagship products. The carbon allows water to be filtered efficiently and is reusable at will. All you have to do is put it in your carafe, wait a few minutes, and you can drink it. You should also know that charcoal comes from Japanese extraction techniques that preserved the forest. 
With Black&Blum, the environmentally conscious person who you are will find happiness. Whether it's the activated charcoal and its purifying properties, or the practical boxes, everything will meet your requirements!
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Dan Black and Martin Blum met by studying industrial design and created Black + Blum 19 years ago, offering affordable design products without compromising on quality. Their award winning designs are adventurous in a variety of category and aesthetics, but always supported by function and fun. Black+Blum  has then been given several designs awards for concept such as the Propello fan, the iconic Loop chandelier and the popular Box Appetit box lunch box.

Audacious because of their diversity and their aesthetics, these creations are primarily functional and playful. In 2014, Dan took over the entire Black + Blum company.

We are passionate about creating designs that are both seductive, original and resolutely functional. Since the beginnings of Black + Blum 19 years ago, we have always wanted to design products for the right reasons. In 2011, Dan Black read an article about the devastating impact of thousands of plastic and disposable products on our environment, particularly our oceans and marine life.

He said he had to design a durable, reusable bottle that would be visually attractive but also practical to use and that would improve the taste of tap water. After much research on different filtration methods, we found Binchotan - an activated carbon that has been used in Japan as a water purifier for hundreds of years. A natural product that is recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

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