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    The discovery baskets of Kazidomi allow you to offer assortments of products according to your desires and to discover our products; gluten free, detox, sports, gourmet, health, superfood, vegan, natural cosmetics, etc.

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    A selection made by one of our bloggers to feel better in your skin. Ideal for a good detox cure!

    60,32 €
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    Start taking care of your home without risking harming yourself and your family with chemicals that can attack your health and the...

    43,21 €
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    Do you want to discover or introduce Kazidomi to your friends, family or other? Than this pack is what you are looking for! We made a...

    27,64 €
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    HABEEBEE gift pack consists of 4 original products including a mild soap, a complete care for the face WAOUW, a lip balm p'tit beezou and...

    29,75 €
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    Discover our selection of products! Our must-haves in a healthy kitchen.

    65,04 €
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Les paniers découverte de Kazidomi vous permettent d’offrir ou de vous offrir des assortiments de produits en fonction de vos envies et pour découvrir nos produits ; sans gluten, détox, sport, gourmand et gourmet, santé, superfood, vegan, cosmétiques naturels, etc. C'est aussi l'occasion de faire découvrir les produits Kazidomi à vos proches en leur offrant une sélection de produits intéressants, délicieux et sains !

Here you can find products of the following brands: HABEEBEE

The products you find here apply to the following criteria: Lactose free, Protein

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