Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea gives you the best of Ayurvedic herbal teas. The brand introduces the flavors of decoctions based on the exotic blend of spices and herbs. The name Yogi Tea combines the philosophy of yoga and the benefits of tea in its essence. Each sachet offers a yoga exercise for your well-being. 

Yogi Tea also represents important values to today's consumers. Satisfaction because Yogi Tea remains at the service of its customers, partners, and farmers. Respect for nature because the production takes into account the environment. Authenticity because the preparations are elaborated only from Ayurvedic sciences. 

Choose between the various infusions (Detox, digestion, classic, good night), find the flavor that suits you (mint, lemon, ginger), and give yourself a treat! Your well-being is in a cup with Yogi Tea!

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