Kazidomi collaborates to support girls equality in the third worl

About Published on 02/03/2022
Kazidomi collaborates to support girls equality in the third worl
Plan International is an independent NGO aiming to build a fair world defending girls equality

Do you know Plan International?

Plan International is an independent NGO aiming to build a fair world defending girls equality of and children rights. This NGO takes action so that 100 million girls have the opportunity to learn, lead the changes in their society and make decisions about their lives and their bodies, safe from violence.

Since its creation in 1937, Plan International has slowly become a well-known international organization active in 70 countries. Over 87,000 communities implement solutions for 81,5 million children!

Thanks to their online shop, “Plan Cadeau,”, it is possible to please a family member, a colleague or even yourself by buying a gift card supporting projects aiming to give a better world to girls and boys in the third world.

Why girls? 

Girls are much more often facing violence and discrimination than boys. Plan encourages women around the world to fight stereotypes, preconceptions, and discrimination, which limits their power. Girls should be raised the same way as boys and have the same chances and future perspectives.

Women represent half of the world population. By allowing them to develop their potential, poverty gets reduced, the environment gets better, children are in better health and study longer.

What about boys? Although they are more rarely facing discrimination, they are dealing with stereotypes and preconceptions as well. If we want to even out the unequal power relationships, they must be involved.

Kazidomi is committed!

For Emna, a young entrepreneur and founder of Kazidomi, and her team mostly made of women, it’s important to collaborate with NGO’s to fight for the causes related to our values.

Did you know it? In some countries, young girls are dealing with forced marriages and they must stop going to school like the other girls of their age. That’s why it’s critical to get things moving! When a girl goes to school, she has three times more chances to avoid an early marriage. Partnering with Plan, we set up a humanitarian move aiming to finance a school year to a young girl who doesn’t have access to education in Niger. 

For every new subscription sold from the 3 to the 6 january, Kazidomi commits to donate €25 to the campaign so that a young girl stays at school, avoids being married too young and can develop her potential.


Every child should have the possibility to build their future!

Let’s act together!

Who are we? Who are we?

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