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  • Up to 50% cheaper than organic shops
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Health should not be a privilege

Up to 50% cheaper than your organic store

Up to 50% cheaper than your organic store
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Up to 50% cheaper than your organic store
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To yourself

To yourself Consuming our products means giving yourself more joy and health, without depriving yourself.

To the communityOur bulk is packed by people with disabilities. All staff members from the warehouse benefit from a fixed & fair contract.

To the community
To the producers

To the producers Reducing the intermediaries = their financial comfort. Producing pesticide-free products = their good health

To the planet

To the planet Total carbon neutrality, recycled cardboard, our catalog becoming plant based... We're always looking out for the planet.

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    Access exclusive discounts with our partners
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    Constant access to promotions and deals

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Is living healthier one of your good resolutions? Perfect! Meet Kazidomi.

When no product on the market meets Kazidomi's expectations, the company develops her own recipes in collaboration with producers.

Kazidomi bets on the cream of the healthy products

We present you Kazidomi, the good idea to eat healthy without depriving yourself.

From food, cosmetics, through household products, everything is here to take care of yourself and your home without worrying about product toxicity.

The objective of this young entrepreneur? To make healthy food accessible to everyone.

Don't spend any more time studying the labels of your favorite products, Kazidomi, the online shop for healthy products does it for you!

The products were analyzed and selected by a group of health experts. As a result, you can buy without the need to read labels from A to Z.

The Kazidomi concept is making its mark on the clean market

All the products available on our catalog are pre-selected and validated by doctors, nutritionists or dieticians.

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