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Paleo Crunch, a new brand you should try !

Food Published on 12/07/2017
Paleo Crunch, a new brand you should try !


… a 100% organic and gluten free raw energy and protein bar. Born in the mountains of Åre, Sweden. We have taken 100% organic nuts, seeds and fruits. Chopped and pressed it into tasty and nutritious bars. Seasoned with the best natural ingredients we could possibly find. Added a little pea-protein powder which is rich in essential amino acids. In this way we have created the best energy and protein bar on the market. It doesn’t need to be any harder than that. Paleo Crunch is what the body wants and nothing else!

It all began in the late summer of 2012. I missed a good snack to take with me when I was out in the mountains home in Åre, Sweden. Nuts and dried fruit in a bag was the standard energy when I went out on a bike trip, skiing or running. But it was not so practical. I started chopping and squeezing raw nuts, seeds, berries and fruit in to tasty energy bars. I liked them, my friends liked them, the rest is as they say history!

Hope you will like the Paleo Crunch and they will give you the raw natural energy and recovery on your next adventure!

Micke Raittila | Founder of Paleo Crunch


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