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Infusion Bye Toxins Refill 80 g

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About this product

  • Improve elimination
  • Reduce water retention

Have your favorite herbal tea on hand at all times with this refill.

Eliminate, evacuate more easily with Bye Toxins Infusion. By supporting the emunctories, you'll drain your body and your metabolism will be lighter. In addition, ingredients such as hibiscus or birch reduce water retention, which improves your figure. With the Bye Toxins Infusion, it's fewer impurities and more well-being!

The Holija brand

The Holija brand has a simple philosophy: to propose wellbeing to everyone through its infusions. These infusions bring together the best of the virtues of plants known to be good for humans. In addition, the development of each product results from two strict values: effectiveness (infusions concocted by a doctor of pharmacy and naturopath) and ecology (plastic-free packaging, use of refills for infusions).


Hibiscus*, Rosemary*, Birch*, Ash*, Cranberry (without sugar)*, Lemon peel*, Blackcurrant (leaves)*, Lemongrass*. *From organic farming


Infuse 10 minutes at 95°C. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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