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Herbal Tea Belle Plante Organic 16 g

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About this product

  • Made in France
  • No added flavours
  • Made from Damask roses and pink berries

Enjoy the taste and aroma of this beautiful plant infusion as an exotic drink. The Damask rose and spicy pink berries make for an infusion with both a floral and tangy scent. You have something to warm you up and feel good for the day! Moreover, the Belle Plante infusion goes well with your culinary preparations. It easily accompanies your desserts, your creams, your marmalades. As a fresh drink, it goes well with fruits such as apples, raspberries, ... Finally, apart from its taste, the Infusion Belle Plante, thanks to its ingredients, helps to purify the body and supports the functions of urinary evacuation


Damask Rose, Ash, Raspberry, Nettle, Linden, Pink Berry

Origin of the product



1 tea bag = 2 to 3 cups Try it fresh ! Hot : 194°F / 6 min


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