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ORGANICA - Myrtille Lyophilisées 16g
ORGANICA - Myrtille Lyophilisées 16g
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Crunchy Blueberry Organic 60 g

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About this product

Crunchy blueberries

100% pure fruit

Organica introduces us to its range of freeze-dried organic fruit obtained by cold dehydration, a process that removes all the water from the fruit. All the nutrients and flavour of the fruit are still preserved. Now you can continue to enjoy your favourite summer fruit even in the middle of winter. With this bag, the blueberry is easy to carry around and is an ideal and healthy snack for young and old. Of course, you can also add them to yoghurts, mueslis, salads .... Give free rein to your creativity!





100% freeze-dried organic blueberry pieces

Nutritional information

  • Value for 100g / 100ml
  • Energy (kJ) 1000
  • Energy (kcal)< 239
  • Proteins (g) 3.8
  • Carbohydrates (g) 38
  • Carbohydrates of which sugars (g) 38
  • Fat (g) 3.8
  • Fat of which saturated fat (g) 0
  • Fibers (g) 31
  • Salts (g) 0.02


Store in a cool place. Close tightly after use

Origin & certification

Produced in France


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