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Bread Superseeds Unsliced Gluten-Free Organic 475 g

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About this product

  • Without the 14 major allergens
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Vegan & Rich in Fiber

DOUBLE WINNER- NOURISH AWARDS 2018 and maybe the world's healthiest bread Seedful brand is a range of flour-free, unique breads and rolls which are high in fiber and packed with seeds and whole grains.

The bread is baked without any flour and raising agent, including yeast. It is a very dense and wholesome bread, very satisfying and deliciously chewy! It is a genuinely tasty, moist and digestible loaf without any refined carbs and additives. The whole range is full of protein and omega-3 acids with excellent omega-3/ omega-6 ratio. Our bread is an ultimate source of nutrients and minerals, imperative for anyone striving for optimum healthy lifestyle. It is suitable for almost anyone, at any age. Himalayan salt is added to enrich their unique, delicious flavors and support essential mineral benefits.

Seedful range offers fantastic choice for anyone following gluten free, wheat free, sugar free or dairy free diet. It also contains no additives, no preservatives and none of the main 14 allergens.


Water, gluten-free oat flakes, sunflower seed, brown linseed, golden linseed, rapeseed oil, pumpkin seed, millet seed, psyllium fibre, milled brown linseed, apple cider vinegar, himalayan salt.

All ingredients from organic farming except water and salt.

Nutritional information

  • Value for 100g / 100ml
  • Energy (kJ) 1459
  • Energy (kcal)< 353
  • Proteins (g) 9
  • Carbohydrates (g) 11
  • Carbohydrates of which sugars (g) 1
  • Fat (g) 26
  • Fat of which saturated fat (g) 2
  • Fibers (g) 13
  • Salts (g) 1


After opening, refrigerate for 3 days


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