Kazidomi, the e-shop with healthy products

About Published on 09/02/2017
Kazidomi, the e-shop with healthy products
The new e-commerce makes sure everyone can afford a healthy lifestyle!

Kazidomi is a new online store with a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for all Europeans. The marketplace launched a few months ago. Kazidomi delivers over 1,000 of the highest quality healthy foods and products from more than 400 of the best-selling brands on the market and is available through the popular membership model comparable to Costco or Sam’s Club. 

Kazidomi is founded by CEO and social entrepreneur Emna Everard who was convinced by two shared realizations:

  • First, that living healthy in Europe is too hard for too many people.
  • And second, that it shouldn’t be that way.

Membership Structure:

It's €100 per year (equivalent to just $8/month), anybody can get wholesome essentials delivered to their door at 25%-50% below retail prices.

The marketplace brings healthy brands like Nakd, Cawston, grEAT, Dr Kargs, Nutrissentiel, Primal, Bear, Tao, Neat, ClearspringTerrasana and many more to anyone’s door.

Products and Benefits:

  • A huge selection of Paleo, Gluten-Free, Raw, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, and Allergen-Free items for every dietary preference : look at ours specific diets here.
  • Fast, easy, and carbon-neutral shipping direct to home or office.
  • Mostly certified Organic and Non-GMO foods.
  • Safe, non-toxic cleaning products, personal products, and beauty supplies.
  • High-quality supplements and vitamins.
  • All-natural, non-toxic baby products and home goods.
  • Tagging of every product across dietary and preference filters so members can shop according to their values and needs.

Kazidomi, the first true affordable environmentally conscious online store offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices, carries over 1,000 of the highest-quality food, supplement, home, personal care, home good, and beauty products from over 400 of the top brands on the market, all delivered at wholesale prices. 

Join the movement to make healthy food available to all at www.kazidomi.com.

Who are we? Who are we?

Kazidomi is an e-commerce offering more than 4000 healthy products at low prices


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  • Up to 50% discount on more than 4000 healthy, natural, less processed and fairly priced products
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    Surprises in your packages
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    Access exclusive discounts with our partners
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    Constant access to promotions and deals

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