Opt for a healthy and balanced menu !

Food Published on 15/12/2019
Opt for a healthy and balanced menu !
A healthy and balanced menu for holiday meals? Easy ! Discover without further ado how to cook healthy for your guests

Why wait until January 1st to start the good resolutions ? Take care of your body to finish the year in style! Opt for a healthy and balanced menu that will delight your family by avoiding hearty and high-calorie dishes. 

From aperitifs to desserts, surprise them and titillate their taste buds in a healthy way!  

1. Aperitifs: 

To start of the hostilities , offer your guests a glass of champagne rather than any other alcohol with as accompaniment some raw vegetables to dip in homemade yogurt sauce and some light snacks by the brand Clearspring! 

2. The starter: 

Opt for seafood such as oysters, crab or langoustines. Prepare your own but small sauce made with yogurt, lemon and chives to replace the mayonnaise! 

3. The dish:

Cook a nice diner with Less fat,  white meat will be the highlight of your meal. Turkey, capon or guinea fowl ... Up to you! To accompany it, go for for steamed vegetables seasoned with several spices to bring a lot of taste to your plate! 

Treat your guests to a nice glass of wine to accompany your dish… it’s Christmas after all!”

4. The dessert: 

Offer a cup of tea before or even instead of dessert. Rich in antioxidants and it can help avoid any more sweet cravings.

Bye bye excess calories, this Christmas, no Christmas logs or other heavy pastries! Leave the table without feeling weighed down from overeating thank to a nice fresh fruit platter and some homemade dark chocolate sauce for your chocolate-loving guests! The savoury dessert - fans, will eat their heart out on some fresh cheeses. Try to avoid hard ones, as they are higher in calories and contain much more fat

Bring a fun touch to your party by putting on some music to get your guests moving! Avoid sitting after this heavy meal, to stimulate good digestion.


Happy holidays and enjoy your meal ! 

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